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With the release of any new hugely revamped classic, there’s a lot of inherit risk. Will that new interpretation of a classic be Your New God? Or nothing but a plain old box of Special K?  Despite decades of cult-classic success, Cannondale’s new CAAD13 received a somewhat mixed early reception. Sure, what’s his nuts over at Bikeradar calls it vertically compliant and laterally stiff, while mumbly joe over at declares that he loves the way Snrub thinks.  But sniff around forums and IG comment threads, and a different narrative emerges. Slightly taller headtubes! A seattube weld! Is it true the track...

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hunt wheels, review -

Good news—I'm about to show many pictures of the inanimate carbon rod! By which I mean a zesty fresh set of Hunt 34 Aero Wide wheels.

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