Towel Rack! My Cannondale CAAD13 Weight

Towel Rack! My Cannondale CAAD13 Weight

Towel Rack CAAD13 Weight Update! 

As mentioned in the cromulent article below that everyone should read and then read again, a wheelset was the first major upgrade to my CAAD13. And with ridiculously fast shipping times, my Hunt 34 Aero Wide Wheels arrived yesterday. 

The wheels, so far, are an absolute gem (full review/walk through coming soon). But how much did they shave from my CAAD13's stock weight?

CAAD13 Weight? Eh?

Previous CAAD13 weight: 20.3lbs 

Post Hunt wheels upgrade CAAD13 weight: 19.55lbs 

A big drop, I'm pleased! Now let's get this sucker under 19... 

You came for the freak! Now stay for the shrimp! 


Original Overview 

Maybe it's the sea water in my veins or nitrogen bubbles in my brain, but I've taken a shine to my Cannondale CAAD13 105 Disc. 

Sure, the CAAD13 geometry is pretty different from the ol' CAAD12. The wheelbase is longer, the headtube is taller, and it just feels like a larger bike. But, since slamming the stem like a dink and putting a few miles on this grizzly bear, it's starting to feel tight in all the right ways. Even with stock wheel I swear it holds speed better than the CAAD12, and it feels rock solid when cornering and descending.

In short—the changed character of the CAAD13 frameset is no a bad thing. On top of that, Cannondale claims frame weight has not crept up. Neat. 

But still, as a wanna-be climber, it pains me to say this isn't the budget climbing bike that the CAAD12 is/was. It's no surprise—bike brands across the board are moving away from the climbing bike thing. Still, pour out a few for poor old Lenny/the CAAD ethos of old. 

So, out of the box, here's what my CAAD13 105 Disc weighs. This is totally stock with clunker pedals, so take this for what it is. And, importantly, remember the 6th commandment of owning a CAAD: Thou Shalt Upgrade the Wheels and a Bunch of Other Stuff. 

CAAD13 Weight

If your Hans Moleman-on-a-date-with-Selma-struggling-to-read-the-wine-list can't see past that glare, I'll spell this out in large words for you: 

My Cannondale CAAD13 weighs 20.3 lbs, stock. 

This is with clunker SPD-SL pedals that weigh about 330 grams, two cromulent stickers, and a single bottle cage. So, a shift to even a 105 SPD-SL pedal will easily cut off 50 grams (or, down to about 20.1lbs). Subtract the pedals and cage, and this thing probably hovers around the 19.6lb mark out of the box. 

Is that super light? Not really—but it's not terrible either. My CAAD12 is down to about 16.8lbs, but that's with a weird old Cervelo S5 bar that I carefully picked from a cow's skull, 1500g-ish HED Ardennes LT Plus wheels, and something else I'm sure I'm forgetting. But out of the box, that rim-brake sucker probably weighed close to 18lbs. 

So, while the CAAD13 can't touch my weird, grizzeld CAAD12's weight/value ratio—20ishlbs isn't too bad. A wheel upgrade, bar upgrade, and god knows what else should get us into the range of sub 18lbs.

And while that might seem like a lot, consider that most of them there Giant Propels and Trek Mad-Ones weigh around the same. The CAAD13 isn't a full-blown aero bike, sure—but it's also only $2800CAD.

To compare, here are some weights from a couple of other whips I've cavorted with over the past few months 

You can't see the frame, but this is for the new Cannondale SuperSix Evo Ultegra. It features the same crank as my CAAD13 105 Disc, and the geometry is pretty much identical. Carbon wheels, tho (but unsure of the weight or quality of said hoops):

Cannondale SuperSix Evo Ultegra Weight

In case you're blind as a bat: the Cannondale SuperSix Evo Ultegra weight is 18.78lbs with SPD-SL 105ish pedals. That's the non Hi-Mod version, mind you. The bike costs about $4700CAD. 

And, here's the weight of a non Hi-Mod Cannondale SystemSix Dura-Ace (about $8000CAD). 

Cannondale SystemSix Dura-Ace Weight

Almost exactly the same for the SystemSix: 18.76lbs. And no, he does not come with the bicycle. 

So, metal bikes that cost thousands less than carbon bikes are a bit heavier. Yes. This is true. But the difference isn't that huge.

A wheel upgrade is imminent—details to come. 

Oh, and if you have an Allez Sprint in disc or rim-brake form, or a Emonda ALR—comment the hell below on how much that sucker weighs so I can use this information to push more important things from my skull into the indifferent void that surrounds us all. 



  • Gilbert

    I have my CAAD13 rim brake, DA 9050/9150 with hollowgram spidering, carbon fiber seatpost and handlebars, boyd 44mm carbon wheels down to 16.5 with cages and power pedals. I want to migrate to SRAM Red AXS, but Praxis is the only company making 12 speed 5 arm 110 BCD compatible chainrings.

  • Meadowbrook Shredder

    I got my ’22 CAAD 13 / SRAM Rival AXS w/ Quarq PM down to 18.8 w/ Hunt alloy wheel and bar upgrade, 105 pedals, alloy cage and computer mount. Spend $1000s more for carbon? No thanks.

  • M.

    I don’t believe a Allez sprint “disc” weighs 16.4 pounds. I have a sprint disc myself, with enve bars,sworks stem, full Dura ace 9100, DA pedals, Williams 43mm Carbon wheels, sworks Carbon power saddle. All light components and I’m at 17.8 pounds.

  • I'm still making small upgrades to my 2020 caad13 which weighs in at 17 lbs 10 ounces size 56. Just ordered aero carbon bars with with front mount which should shave some as well. Frame comes with carbon post.

    Can talk about this bike and upgrades all day, possibilities.

  • mo

    hey, thanks. i was unavailable to buy the caad 12, absolutely no stock.

    it will be my first road bike, and i had a lot going on my mind about the ‘loss’ of caad magic in its latest iteration. damn, i am a sucker for dropped seat stay and disc brake. there isn’t a whole lot of options…… but the caad 13 seems to be a great one nonetheless.

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